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Our Highbury Property Agency

We are a leading independent estate agent in Highbury, known for our exceptional professional property advice and unmatched local service. Since 2007, our Highbury branch has been committed to exceeding traditional estate agency standards, beginning with a thorough understanding of your specific needs. Our property team undergoes regular rigorous training to ensure an exceptionally high level of customer care is maintained.

Our experienced estate agents have an in-depth knowledge of local property prices and trends. If you’re considering selling your property, we offer the insight and marketing strategies needed to showcase it to the right pool of buyers and achieve the optimal price. Expect regular status updates, immediate alerts for any changes in your sale, and personalised buyer viewings, ensuring a transparent and effective selling process.

For those in search of a flat or apartment in Highbury to buy or rent, for more than ten years, we have been helping people find their ideal home. We will keep you informed about the latest listings in the area, aid you in selecting a property that aligns with your requirements and budget, accompany you to viewings, and provide guidance on making the right offer to the vendor.

Our Highbury letting agent team offers professional property management services to landlords with property in around the area. We can help you efficiently manage the letting process, liaise with your tenants, and keep you updated on necessary maintenance work.

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Properties for Sale

Discover the properties for sale in Highbury with Stadium Residential.

Properties to Rent

Discover the properties available to rent in Highbury with Stadium Residential.

Our Highbury Property Services

We take great pride in being your trusted estate agent. Committed to delivering exceptional service, backed by local expertise and a genuine passion for property, we provide a comprehensive range of services to fulfil all your property requirements. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, let, or manage property in Highbury, count on Stadium Residential to meet your needs.

Selling Your Highbury Property

If you’re contemplating selling your property in Highbury, we are the estate agents for you. Our dedicated team of property professionals is ready to navigate you through the selling process, ensuring a seamless and successful transaction. From property valuation to marketing, negotiations, and legalities, we manage every aspect of the sale, allowing you to focus on finding your next property.

Our selling services include:

  • Thorough property valuations to determine the optimal market price.
  • Tailored marketing strategies to reach potential buyers effectively.
  • Professional photography and high-quality property listings.
  • Expert negotiation to secure the best deal for you.
  • Comprehensive guidance throughout the sales process.

Highbury Landlord Services

For landlords in Highbury, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to streamline property management and lettings. Recognising the importance of a smooth tenancy process, our dedicated team handles every detail.

Our landlord services include:

  • Property marketing to attract high-quality tenants.
  • Tenant screening and background checks.
  • Lease agreement preparation and signing.
  • Rent collection and secure, timely payments.
  • Regular property inspections and maintenance coordination.
  • Handling tenant enquiries and concerns.

With Stadium Residential, your property investments are in capable hands, allowing you to maximise your returns whilst minimising the stress and hassle of property management.

Buying Properties in Highbury

Searching for the perfect property in Highbury to call home? We have an extensive portfolio catering to various needs and budgets. Our team are ready to assist you in finding your dream property in this vibrant and sought-after North London suburb.

Our property buying services include:

  • Personalised property search and selection.
  • In-depth knowledge of the local Highbury market.
  • Assistance with property viewings and negotiations.
  • Guidance throughout the entire purchase process, from offer to completion.

We aim to make your property buying experience enjoyable and stress-free, ensuring you find a place that perfectly fits your needs and lifestyle.

Highbury Tenant Services

We’re also committed to providing high-quality services to tenants. Finding the right rental property can be challenging, so we offer support throughout the process.

Our tenant services include:

  • There is a diverse range of rental properties to choose from.
  • Assistance with property viewings and applications.
  • Transparent communication and a smooth rental process.
  • Ongoing support during your tenancy.

Stadium Residential values its tenants as much as its landlords, ensuring that you have a positive renting experience in Highbury.

Living in Highbury

Nestled in the vibrant borough of Islington, Highbury is a picturesque residential area that seamlessly blends urban convenience with leafy tranquillity. Renowned for its charming streets adorned with Victorian and Edwardian architecture, Highbury exudes a distinctive character that attracts residents seeking an inviting and family-friendly atmosphere.

One of the unique aspects of living in Highbury is its rich historical tapestry, notably marked by the iconic Highbury Stadium that once stood proudly in the heart of the neighbourhood. Formerly the home of Arsenal Football Club, the stadium added a touch of sporting legacy to the area, contributing to the community’s identity. While the stadium itself has been redeveloped, the spirit of Highbury Stadium lives on in the hearts of locals, and the site remains a point of historical significance for residents and football enthusiasts alike.

Highbury Fields, a sprawling park in the heart of the neighbourhood, offers residents a peaceful escape from city life with its open lawns, tennis courts, and a delightful café. This green oasis enhances the quality of life in Highbury, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and recreational activities.

The community spirit is palpable in Highbury, with a range of local shops, independent boutiques, and artisanal cafes contributing to the area’s unique charm. Residents often strolled through Highbury Barn, a central hub hosting diverse amenities such as bakeries, speciality shops, and cosy pubs, fostering a strong sense of community.

Holloway Area Guide

As one of the most established estate agents in Highbury, Stadium Residential is pleased to offer a diverse range of properties for sale in the Highbury and Highbury Fields areas. Discover more about Highbury with our Area & Property guide.

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