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A Catchment Area Guide to Secondary Schools in and around Highbury

over 2 years ago
A Catchment Area Guide to Secondary Schools in and around Highbury

The reputation of secondary schools in Highbury is second to none in the capital, with many leading the way in regional performance tables. If you are looking around at potential options for your child, and want to ensure you choose the very best, take a look at our catchment area guide to secondary schools in and around Highbury.

The Camden School for Girls

Rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, and viewed as one of the best schools in the area, The Camden School for Girls is located on Sandall Road, NW5 2DB. It accepts 120 new girls every year and as of 2020, has a catchment that extends 1.32 miles. If you are looking for a high quality secondary school in and around Highbury, this should be close to the top of your list.

Catchment area

Residential roads close by include Bartholomew Road, which has an average property price of £680,000. Lawford Road is also just around the corner, and when properties are available they go for an average of £570,000.

Highbury Fields School

This is another school rated highly in Highbury, with Ofsted also awarding it ‘outstanding’ status during their last inspection. It sits on Highbury Hill, N5 1AR, and takes in 140 new admissions every year. Based on catchment information provided for 2020, 0.9 miles was the maximum distance allowed for a pupil to be admitted.

Catchment area

Of the many residential roads found close by to Highbury Fields School, Leigh Road offers good value for money, although prices are rising. Average prices sit around £1.6 million, while over on Highbury Terrace, which sits within minutes of the school, average property values over the past 12 months can be as much as £2.7m.

City of London Academy Islington

You’ll find the academy on Predend Street, N1 8PQ in Islington. It was last inspected in 2019 where it was rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and it also accommodates 16 to 18 year old pupils who are entering further education. As of 2022/23, 165 pupils will be admitted into the school, and based on 2020 information, the maximum distance allowed within the catchment area was 1.098 miles.

Catchment area

Raleigh Street runs along the back of the academy, with terraced houses going for an average of £1.3m. Cruden Street is another highly sought after residential street located nearby, where you can pick up a 3-bedroom terraced house for around £1.5m. Devonia Road also hosts terraced properties, with average prices staying at around the £1.8m mark.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School

The address for this secondary school is Donegal Street, N1 9QG. It is yet another that has been given an ‘outstanding’ rating by Ofsted, adding to your growing list of options. The school admits 180 girls into Year 7 each year, with 1.03 miles the furthest living distance under the catchment criterion.

Catchment area

Wynford Road is located just around the corner from the school and has an overall average price of £580,000 based on sales over the past 12 months. Collier Street runs onto Wynford Road, where average property prices stand at £1m. You could pick up a modern 2-bedroom flat on the road for that sort of price.

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