About Us

We’re not going to tell you about what we do at Stadium Residential, that’s already obvious. But we are going to give you a little insight into our team, our work ethic and how we have evolved into the business we are today…

From the moment Stadium Residential began we have been acutely aware that to succeed in the property business you need to build your team around the customer. For this reason we quickly developed a dedicated group of experienced individuals that over time have forged friendships and strong working relationships with one another. This enables our team to deliver a level of personal service that we have discovered to be paramount to our continued development.

Expert advice

Members of our team have all the essential skills and experience necessary for an agency like ours to succeed. Indeed, Graham McKee – our Managing Director – has seen more than three and a half decades of the property business and continues to be passionate about his work. Its people like this, who are able to inspire others and continue to improve their own level of service, that are the key to our organization’s increasing popularity.

Where we work

It’s not just who we are at Stadium Residential, it’s also about where we are. We are quick to realise that you can’t expect good practice, discipline and hard-work (the foundations of any good business) without paying attention to the details. For this reason we ensure that our offices are places that our team member’s actually look forward to arriving at first thing in the morning.

We now occupy state of the art premises on the landmark Studios (Vizion7) development.

We like to make our office an inviting places to visit, and encouraging places in which to work. We do not adhere to the quintessential office environment and find that this works very well for our team. When you speak to us on the telephone you’re not only likely to get someone who is well trained and competent, you’re guaranteed to get someone who is happy to be there, confident and eager to help you.