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The DIY trap that may devalue your home

over 1 year ago
The DIY trap that may devalue your home

When you invite people into your home – whether that’s someone coming to take marketing photographs, prospective buyers or even a surveyor – all eyes will be on the condition and décor.

It’s widely publicised that decluttering, redecorating and finally ticking off that list of DIY jobs can help improve the appeal of your home – and even add value – but what you do and how you do it really matters. According to new research, there appears to be a strong correlation between sub-par workmanship and the value of a home.

A new report commissioned by British Gas discovered that many homeowners tackle DIY and decorating with a sense of trepidation. Of those questioned, only 17% could stop a dripping toilet, while just 11% could tackle changing a radiator. More understandably, 40% of homeowners were very apprehensive about undertaking any work that involved gas and 38% said they were nervous when it came to mains electricity.

Surprisingly, however, less than half those taking part in the study felt confident about hanging a picture and just 42% felt they could change a fuse. We’re not even a nation fully confident about the most basic of home-related tasks, with only 54% believing they were capable of changing a light bulb.

If you are one of the 37% who tried completing a home maintenance or DIY job, only to get it completely wrong, it may be worth reconsidering who undertakes projects in the build-up to a property sale, and here’s why.

When homes and interior website, Loveproperty.com, published its ‘11 mistakes that could devalue your home’ article, botched DIY was at the top of its list. It highlighted how the finish achieved by a professional trade versus an unskilled homeowner will be noticed by prospective purchasers.

Although television shows and even YouTube videos can make some home maintenance and DIY projects look super easy, some tasks are beyond the skill set of homeowners. We do agree with the article’s advice – if you can’t do it yourself well, get a professional to do the work on your behalf.

Even if you fancy your skills as a painter, decorator or interior design expert, studies repeatedly show that the wrong choice can also knock pounds off your property’s price. Up there with unprofessional property maintenance is a bold décor. Unique styles can be very off-putting for buyers – some may overlook your home entirely, while others will start adding up the cost of redecorating as they walk around your home.

Although it may feel boring, neutral can be best. If you feel confident about your wallpapering, painting or tiling ability – or if you need to brief the professionals – put personal passions aside and stick to white, cream or very light pastels.

If you would like any suggestions  on what maintenance your home might need before it goes on the market, please contact us for advice. Sometimes there is very little – or even nothing – to complete, but our agents will advise what may create appeal and value.

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